Super Retro Maker lets you design stages reminiscent of the greatest games from the 1980's and share them with the world, or just kick back and play hundreds of handcrafted retro stages all rendered in lo-def and accompanied by an authentic NES soundtrack. With an expanding lineup of heroes, power ups, and environments you'll never run out of cool things to create or stages to beat.

Party like its 1985!


  • Classic Gameplay - inspired by the best
  • Campaign Mode - play through the official campaign to unlock all the features of the editor
  • Multiplayer Mini-games - with online leaderboards
  • Metroidvania - explore huge maps and find unique items and abilities to help you progress
  • Level Designer - easy and fun. Share your levels with your friends or the whole world






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Awards & Expos

  • "Hidden Gems" Ward Games, PAX South 2018
  • "PAX Rising" PAX East, 2018
  • "Official Selection - Best Early Access" Dream Hack Austin, 2018
  • "Official Selection - Indie Game Area" Tokyo Game Show, 2018

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Monetization Permission

Digital Dominion allows for the contents of Super Retro Maker to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Super Retro Maker is legally & explicitly allowed by Digital Dominion. This permission can be found in writing at


Dan Beenfeldt
Project Lead, Programmer
Matthew Livingston
Artist, Project Manager
Christopher Goldsmith-Soto
Jorge F. Peral
Leiss Pendragon (@leisspendragon)
Composer, SFX